Botanical Preservation is an art form. We take the fresh flowers from your bridal bouquet and preserve the different stems. We then artfully mount the floral pieces and arrange them into a lovely design that then gets placed in one of our hand crafted frames. We love being able to take a piece of such a sentimental day and preserve it for a lifetime. There's something so special about it.

How it Works
Select the size, background color and if you want any additional keepsake items made from your wedding flowers. We recommend ordering at least a few weeks before your wedding so your box arrives on time. This is a great gift to add to your registry.
Your Part
We send you a box with everything you will need to safely and quickly ship your bouquet to us after your wedding day. We will include detailed instructions and all the equipment you need to secure your flowers and ship your box back to us. We recommend giving this task to a trusted friend or family member who will ensure your bouquet is safe during the reception and gets the flowers quickly in the mail the very next day.
The Creation Process
Once we have your flowers we get to work preserving each bloom that will be used to create your keepsake frame. This process takes a lot of time and care. So sit back and enjoy married life! We've got this.
Enjoy for a Lifetime
Your frame and any keepsake jewelry you order will be shipped to you in time to celebrate your first wedding anniversary!
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