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Photo by Kaylan Robinson

It all started with a mustard seed necklace…

After taking a floral farming workshop near her home in the Palisade, Laura cultivated her passion for growing flowers. After planting her first seeds on her little quarter acre farm and watching them turn into beautiful blooms, she realized how sad it made her to realize that those same blooms she nurtured from just small seeds would go to waste in her garden.


She went back to fond childhood memories of gardening and pressing flowers with her mother and recalled the mustard see necklace set in resin that her mother left her when she died. After that Laura resolved to make jewelry with her flowers, jewelry that would preserve not only the beauty and timelessness of the flora within but the memories that are created each day you wear them.


When she is out there digging in the dirt, she can always feel her Mothers presence, and pride which she brings to every unique piece of jewelry that comes from the farm.

After Wedding Jewelry

If you would like to turn your bridal flowers into a forever memory, contact us to discuss what you’d like to have created. We’ll arrange a way to gather your floral after your wedding to make it as easy as possible for you.


Free pickup, locally. Florals are pressed using a proprietary method that keeps them vivid and offer anything from stud earrings to wall gallery pieces. 

Shopping local in CO?

Flora Petal Farm products can be found in:
– Pollux in Grand Junction, CO.
– Pollux in Montrose, CO.
– St Mary’s Hospital GiftShop, Grand Junction, CO
– Pressed, Palisade, CO

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