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Bridal Botanical Keepsakes

If you have ordered the Bridal Botanical Preservation we highly recommend a keepsake or two. We use the same flowers from the bridal bouquet you gave us to create your Bridal Botanical Preservation to create additional jewelry pieces.

Wear it every anniversary for years to come. They also make lovely sentimental gifts for your family, friends and brand new inlaws.

Remember, when selecting additional keepsakes keep in mind what is included in the Bridal Botanical Preservation you ordered. 

If you are ordering the Modest Preservation you will be getting 1 necklace with your order. If you are ordering the Standard Preservation it will include 1 necklace, 1 set of earrings, and one ring cone.

Want to order more than the amount selected? Add to the cart more than once. Still, having trouble? Reach out and our team will help you select the keepsakes that are right for you.




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