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Bridal Botanical Preservation Simple1

This is a special product, please read the entire description carefully before making your purchase.

This product is the preservation of YOUR OWN bridal bouquet. When you purchase the Bridal Botanical Preservation you will need to be sure to take good care of your bouquet after the ceremony and then deliver it to Laura the day after your wedding.

The timing of this process is important so be sure to include someone you trust to help you with this process. This might be something you ask a mom, bridesmaid or close family friend with.

Once we receive the bridal bouquet, we will start working our magic and get to work preserving your flowers and mounting them in a lovely keepsake frame. This process takes a long time. We take a lot of care into creating a lovely piece of art that can capture the memories of your special day and preserve them for a lifetime. That being said, you can expect your final product delivered to you as you celebrate your first anniversary.

Petite- 10×12″ Frame, corsage + boutonniere amount of flowers mounted

Modest- 12×16″ Frame, modest bridesmaids bouquet amount of flowers mounted, includes 1 necklace

Standard- 18×24″ Frame, Bridal Bouquet amount of flowers mounted, includes 1 necklace, 1 set of earrings, and one ring cone. This is our most popular size ordered.

This product is for our brides-to-be only, or people who have contacted a florist to recreate their bouquet and have flowers to send us. We are working on creating an option for past brides to have bridal inspired displays created from our own supply of flowers but simply put, we just aren’t there yet. Check back in the future for more options for preserved botanicals.

This product is available for local brides only. We are working to create a fully shippable version for brides all over the country, but for now, you will need to make sure you are able to get your bouquet to Laura in Palisade, CO within 48 hours of your ceremony.

*** To include in the notes:

Your wedding date

The name and number of the person who will be delivering the flowers to Palisade




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